Sunday, October 30, 2011

Rodriguezia decora

Rodriguezia decora - Flower photo by Richard LindbergRodriguezia decora - Plant photo by Richard LindbergThe Rodriguezia decora was from the 2008 SCOS summer potting party. I knew it would be a challenge to grow because the two-pseudobulb piece I got had a 4-inch rhizome. I mounted it on a large piece of cork and hoped for the best. Aside from the rambling growth habit, it has been a quite satisfactory plant. It has grown and bloomed every year.

This plant is mounted on a 14x7-inch piece of cork bark. Rodriguezia decora grows in Brazil in cool to warm mountain forests and grasslands. Fragrant, bright light.There are ten pseudobulbs. The genus Rodriguezia (Rdza) contains about 30 species mostly found in Brazil.

After I take the plant to show and tell I am going to remove the two pseudobulbs that have grown off the mount. This will become the next free plant so watch for it to be announced in November.


  1. Hey there, I have been following your blog for a couple of months now and find it very interesting. I have 2 varieties of cymbidium orchid in my backyard. They are just sitting on the ground having outgrown their terra cotta pots years ago. The root ball just sits in the mulch. Each year the larger one, which is fast approaching 1 metre in diameter, produces between 10 and 20 flower spikes. I am wondering how I now divide this huge mass since I dont have a setup like yours. If the plant is now growing without any support or bark around it how would the shoots need to be supported? Any ideas would be welcome. Thanks. M

  2. You are just now coming up on a good time to divide Cymbidiums in Australia. In the northern Hemisphere we divide in June. The dividing should be done so that the plants get a full summer growing season to develop.

    Decide how big you want the divisions. One option would be a half wine barrell for the whole thing or small 1-gallon (4-liter) sized pots for divisions of 3-5 pseudobulbs. Go to this page to get my direct email address so we can talk about this some more.