Saturday, November 12, 2011


When I was last at the Sonoma greenhouse I noticed a sheath on one of the plants was looking plump. I looked at it so the light source was behind it and saw the shadow of a spike forming inside.

This is exciting, not only because I haven't seen the flower but because it is on the plant so far known as CH4067. It is supposedly from Carter and Holmes with a catalog number of 4067. I contacted C&H to ask about it and that number is a different genus entirely so at least the number is wrong. Once I get a nice flower picture I will ask again. If it is one of their crosses they will recognize it.


  1. Healthy plant! Can't wait to see the flower :)

  2. Did you find out what this plant is? "CH4067" seems so sterile.

  3. Officially, for eBay sale, no. Unofficially, it is C Pamela Hetherington. It is not the 'Coronation' variety because the red on the lip is so wide. I believe it pre-dates the 'Coronation' because Stewart was local to us an because the collector had owned the plant a long time. I did find out that the CH stands for Christoffersen Horticulture, not Carter and Holmes. This was done after the tag was lost.