Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cymbidium Hybrid

Since I have a series of posts about Cymbidiums I would do one more about Cymbidium backbulbs and then put them all together as a page on Repotting Cymbidiums is a separate skill from repotting an epiphyte as are most of the orchids we collect.

Cymbidium hybrid - Plant photo by Richard LindbergWith most backbulb divisions I am looking for green. Any green and it has a chance to sprout. Cymbidium backbulbs look dead and ugly. The measure of viability for a Cymbidium is firmness. Truly dead backbulbs are soft, even are hollow shells. If the backbulb is firm it can sprout.

This one has only just barely survived. I made the division in June 2010. That summer it sprouted and grew a single, very small pseudobulb. It almost looks like a new growth. This year it has produced another new growth that doesn't look all that strong either. With the growing season about done that is about it for this year. Who knows how long it will take to bloom again.

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