Saturday, November 5, 2011

Cymbidiums Gone Wild

Blog reader Maria sent me this picture of her Cymbidium and asked for advice about this plant. It has long ago broken out of its big clay pot but continued to be a very good bloomer averaging 20 flower spikes. But this last season it produced only three. She really likes the plant and wants to get it back to past glory.

In the northern hemisphere this is the wrong time to be dividing cymbidiums. But since Maria lives in Australia, the Cymbidium dividing season is just getting under way. Plants re-potted during the next eight weeks will have a full growing season to get ready for fall and winter blooming.

I have advised Maria to sharpen her machete and collect a few things before we get started. She should be able to come out of this with a pot that will produce flowers for her again and plenty of pieces and backbulbs to give to her friends. More pictures to come.


  1. The Big Chop starts today Richard. Or rather as soon as hubby wakes up. Stay tuned....


  2. Once the plant is free from the ground, start with the area with the most brown and work toward the center. Use heavy pruning shears and cut between the PBs.

    Try to get big groups of at least 5, up to 10 PBs and we will work on the fine-tuning of the divisions later.