Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hard Cane Dendrobium Season

In terms of greenhouse color, there is nothing as good as a group of hard cane Dendrobium plants. The Sonoma collection has several of these with a mix of colors now beginning to bloom. Color is one of the goals of the Sonoma collection and NOID Dendrobium plants are a big part of the winter color. We will have four months of Dendrobium flowers in the display window.

Besides the large number spikes on this plant it is interesting that four of the spikes are on large keikis. Next spring I will separate them and in a couple of years the mass of color will be even greater.


  1. Is it best to divide these or remove kikis when new growth begins in the Spring?

  2. New growth is more important than season. For keikis, I mostly go by root length, when they reach an inch or more. I am waiting for spring because I want to maximize the flowers. The upper keiki is ready to separate now and the lower on will be soon if I wanted to do it.

    If these were valuable collection plants I would not worry about the flowers to delay maintenance, but these are Big Box rescues.

  3. I have no blooming dendrobiums, but they are still alive.

  4. Dendrobiums need lots of light to bloom. Keep at it.