Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Orchid Virus?

I am not a person who is too concerned about virus, but I understand the danger of one spreading through a collection. But when I saw this flower, "Oh-oh, virus?" was my first thought.

This is one of the Sonoma collection plants. I don't know what it is and when I saw the buds I was happy. This is the first bloom in the time I have been working in the greenhouse.

The good news for the collection is that the plant has been off to one side and has never been re-potted. I didn't bother much with the NOID plants giving them last place in the maintenance plan.

If it does have a virus it is a shame because it is a nice flower. Without the color break it looks like Chadwick's "Queen Elizabeth".

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  1. Hi Richard. How will you proceed? Does the other flower look the same? Do these things sometimes right themselves as plants mature?