Monday, November 21, 2011

Outdoor Winter Orchid Work Area

The covered outdoor area is continuing to take shape. The top part has all the plants hanging below the nine-foot translucent roof. No more will be added now. With that done I wanted to get the lower part set up as a usable work space. It is not very pretty but I can show you how it will be through the winter and for the whole year.

North end - Storage and Cymbidium benchesThe north end already had a lattice to separate the area and I added some storage for things I use often. This will be a selection of pots, tools and materials. I have another storage area but it is in the garage and hard to work from. I will keep more items but not all of any of them. If I use up something I can make a run to the garage to re-stock.

East side - Cymbidiums in winter, Cattleya in summerJust to the south are five feet of three-tiered benches. They will hold the Cymbidiums from now until May. After that the Cymbidiums will go to Sonoma into another outdoor area that is covered by shade cloth for the summer growth season. They will be replaced by plants coming out of the greenhouses to summer outdoors. Orchids love the air movement and the natural temperature change.

Just to the south of the benches is a cinder block wall, four blocks tall and two blocks long. One of the problems that showed up this summer was how far the sun reached under the roof in the afternoon, both from the south and from the west. On a hot day, this was enough to damage plants. The wall should be enough to shield the tiered benches.

South end - Potting areaOn the south of the wall and running all the way to the fence will be the main potting area. The surface will be painted plywood coming out about a foot beyond the plastic shelves. Under the surface will be bark, sphagnum and more supplies for potting.

There is still plenty of work to do but the result will be an area in which I can work all year long.


  1. Looks nice.....but, I still like your stool, TV tray, pan, and buckets setup for potting. Ha! I use an inverted garbage can lid. John

  2. The stool and bucket stay and I am not throwing out the TV tray.

    But I really needed more space than the TV tray, I was balancing things in strange places while working.