Sunday, November 20, 2011

Phaleanopsis Taisuco Swan x Taisuco Mercy

Phaleanopsis Taisuco Swan x Taisuco MercyHere is an update on the mounted Phal that lost all its leaves. This is in the Napa greenhouse in the shade of some other mounts. The plant is doing much better in this location. The light level is lower and it is getting more water.

Rescue mounted Phal starting its second leaf

The exciting news is that the plant is starting to grow the second leaf. The new crown is taking hold and it may get back to a nice 3-to-5 leaf growth. That first leaf is small and wierdly shaped but it IS a leaf.

I don't want to get ahead of myself and declare the plant cured but that second leaf is a big milestone. I have gone as far as assigning it an inventory number and adding it to the catalog. I would like to see a nice cascade of white flowers but even if there are no more setbacks, flowers are a couple of years away.


  1. What, no leaves and it is still alive? OMG, I threw away Phal. violacea sumatrana after crown rot with two bottom leaves and bunch of healthy roots! If only I knew it still had a chance...

  2. If the roots get light, that is enough to get started again. The roots are green for a reason.

    Takes time and patience, though.