Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bifrenaria aureo-fulva

Bifrenaria aureo-fulva - Flower photo by Richard LindbergNow that the family and Google-related excitement has settled down I am starting to get back to more orchid related activities. I found that my Bifrenaria aureo-fulva has just started to open. I am glad to see the flowers since all the in-bloom plants are in Sonoma in the display. These flowers are too small for that so they will remain here.

Bifrenaria aureo-fulva just after dividing in January - Plant photo by Richard LindbergBifrenaria aureo-fulva grows in coastal moutain rain forest from central to southern Brazil. It is warm to hot growing and fragrant, blooming in the summer. It needs a dry winter rest. The genus Bifrenaria (Bif) is 30 small epiphytes or often terrestrials from South America. Partial shade and wet humid conditions especially while growing.

This is the lead division. It is in a 3-inch plastic pot in rocks and there are four pseudobulbs. I made the division last January, two months after it bloomed last year. I am going to move it now to a dry spot for a rest.

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