Friday, December 30, 2011

Cattleya Laurie Lynn Westenberger

Cattleya Laurie Lynn Westenberger - Flower photo by Richard LindbergCattleya Laurie Lynn Westenberger backbulb division - Plant photo by Richard LindbergCattleya Laurie Lynn Westenberger is the cross Cattleya Bob Betts x Cattleya Claesiana, registered in 1958. It is a large, beautiful flower and a very hardy plant. It would make a wonderful addition to any group of Cattleya hybrids.

I have just divided one of the collection plants. I am keeping a nice division for the collection. This month's free orchid is a 4-pseudobulb, rootless, leafless backbulb division.

Cattleya Laurie Lynn Westenberger before division - Plant photo by Richard LindbergThe rules are the same as always: You pay actual postage and it comes Priority Mail. (I'll let you know, but it will be around $6.) It will come without the rocks or the pot.

If you have not had a free orchid before, add a comment claiming it and them go to this page to get my direct email address so we can work out the details. "First time" restriction ends at 4pm PDT on Saturday the 31st. After that, anybody who wants it can have it. Continental US only please.

I don't gurantee anything, but I will say that I have seen this cross sprout quite reliably. It will take a couple of years before it blooms, but it will be worth the wait.


  1. I would love to win this one for my collection.

  2. Beautiful catt. Too bad you don't ship to Canada :).

  3. my name is joshua and can I have the picture on the bottom? and by the way i have never had a free orchid before

  4. Joshua, that is the collection plant and the half of the division I saved for myself. The other piece has gone to its new home and has already sprouted.

    Please keep reading the blog. I announce the free plant each month when the mood strikes me and there is a suitable plant available.