Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Laelia tenebrosa 'Rybaczyk' AM/AOS

This is why I practice growing from backbulbs. Sometimes there is a great addition that is just not available any other way. In this case, there are good divisions available, but only if I want to spend my orchid budget for the decade to get it. Or I could get this free backbulb division.

Laelia tenebrosa 'Rybaczyk' AM/AOS - Photo by Richard Lindberg

Laelia tenebrosa 'Rybaczyk' AM/AOSLaelia tenebrosa 'Rybaczyk' AM/AOS - Plant photo by Richard LindbergLaelia tenebrosa grows in Brazil. It is fragrant, cool to hot growing, and blooms in early summer.

This plant is in sphagnum in a 4 1/2-inch clay pot. This is an extreme backbulb division that looks ready for the compost pile.

This is what was left when Steve Christoffersen divided his plant, the farthest back of the backbulbs. This is the pod parent of a varietal cross that Steve made. He is selling some of the compots on eBay for $12.50 and it might be fun to get one of those.


  1. Do you think the results would have been any different using rock instead of sphagnum?

  2. I have had pseudobulbs die in rock, too. Far be it from me to second guess another grower.

    The pot is very dry and Steve is not a backbulb amateur.

    That being said, I would have a hard time letting sphagnum get as dry as rock. So for me, yes, I would do better in rock. But I am not going to change it.

  3. Did it sprout a growth?