Saturday, December 17, 2011

Oncidium splendidum 'Marty' x self

Oncidium splendidum 'Marty' x self - Flower photo by Richard LindbergThe Sonoma collection had two Oncidium splendidum 'Marty' x self plants in teak baskets and sphagnum. They needed to be re-potted in 2010 but I missed the new growth so waited until this year to make the divisions. The result was six pieces.

Oncidium splendidum grows in Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. It is a warm to hot growing lithophyte, needs bright light and blooms in spring and summer.

Oncidium splendidum 'Marty' x self - Photo by Richard Lindberg

I potted the two leads to go back in the Sonoma collection and planned to sell the rest. All of the pieces are wintering in Sonoma. I was doing the routine inspection and checking if the plants needed to be watered. I saw that one of the backbulb divisions needed to be re-potted because I had guessed wrong about where the new growth would emerge.

I think there is room for a new pseudobulb but only one. Since the new growth is happening now I think that I would be better off moving the new growth to the center of the pot now than waiting until there are more roots to disturb.

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