Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sophronitis cernua

Sophronitis cernua - Flower photo by Richard LindbergSophronitis cernua - Plant photo by Richard LindbergI am always happy to see my first bloom from a new plant. I got this Sophronitis cernua in June of 2009 and so this is the third season. I had started to wonder if it should not be moved again. I had moved it higher when I re-configured the greenhouse this spring and was waiting until next year to give it a chance to bloom in the spring. These flowers are out of season and not very many, but I'll take flowers any time I get them.

Sophronitis cernua grows in Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay. It is warm growing and blooms in the spring. Give it bright light and water all year. The genus Sophronitis (S) contains only a few species growing in eastern Brazil and Paraguay. They are used in hybridization for their red color, small size and lower light requirements. They are the "S" in "Slc".


  1. I'm still waiting for my first bloom from a new plant. I'm happy for new leaves and new roots; but you can bet I will let you and everyone know when I get that first bloom!