Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Too Many Dirty Pots

Maggie is the white almost-Maltese

One of the down sides of the holiday season is that non-orchid people come to call. They expect to see a tidy work area, neat rows of plants and lots of flowers. In other words, not the normal state of things around here.

The first of these visits is a small party tomorrow afternoon for the pack of dogs our Maggie runs with. Naturally each of the dogs is bringing a guest or two and so the holiday cleanup has been occuring over the past week.

I have plenty of blooming orchids. I will have to raid the display window at Sonoma but that is ok for a couple of days. The greenhouse here is presentable. The largest "ugly" is my dirty pots. I didn't know I had so many until I collected them all in one spot.

Don't tell my wife but I am going to put them in the bath tub and wash them today. She will be gone all day since she meets with friends each Tuesday and if I get done by mid-afternoon, she will be none the wiser. I will be able to get them stacked in nice rows for inspection and ready for a new plant when I need them.


  1. Maggie is very cute, especially on the picture where she is running. It is nice that she has lots of friends to play with.

  2. When I wash plastic pots I use dish detergent and scrub brushes of different sizes. I rinse them under running well under the faucet. What is your method? Do you use bleach etc. Some people go way above and beyond, bleach, air dry several days, bleach again.

    Must we do the wash/bleach repeatedly to avoid fungus etc. If my pots are very rough, scratched gouged I toss them.

    Thanks, love your blog. Vivienne S.

    1. I do it about the same as you. Plastic doesn't have pores to hold anything and if the surface it smooth they are good to go after the initial bleach rinse.