Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cattleya hybrid "Mom's Favorite"

I got this plant from Steve Christoffersen last fall. It was a "small" division of his plant which is, in fact, his mother's favorite. He has had it many years and somewhere along the way lost the tag.

The plant is in sphagnum moss in a 7-inch clay pot. There are fifteen pseudobulbs and it stands eighteen inches above the pot. I haven't measured the flowers yet. I will do that after they have been open a few more days, but they are quite big.

I was happy to help Steve out in reclaiming growing space. He has some exciting new crosses developing. But flasks became compots, and now compots are becoming individual seedlings. Those take up a lot of space as he waits for them to mature so he can select some to grow and even make new crosses.

When the next growth cycle begins I am going to re-pot the plant. There is only one lead. If the shape of the plant were better I might be tempted to allow it to get bigger.