Monday, January 2, 2012

Cattleya intermedia alba ('Haelinger'xIva Jasques')

This is my fifth Cattleya intermedia and I wouldn't have bought it except that it was an alba and I was in a bit of a buying frenzy. This was in October and Cynthia B's collection reduction sale.

Cattleya intermedia alba ('Haelinger'xIva Jasques') - Plant photo by Richard LindbergThis was the best run sale I have ever been to. I arrived at my appointed time and had fifteen minutes of exclusive, guided buying. It was great not to have a free-for-all going while trying to make your selections and getting them gathered.

Cattleya intermedia grows from Sao Paulo Brazil to Uruguay and Argentina near the ocean or streams. It is fragrant, cool to warm growing. It needs bright light and blooms in summer.

I saw a new growth starting and took the opportunity to pot in sphagnum over peanuts in a 4 1/2-inch clay pot. There are three pseudobulbs with pretty good roots and it stands seven inches above the pot.

The other four Cattleya intermedia plants are developing seedlings and I have yet to see a flower from this species. To see what it looks like click on the link and think about subscribing. I subscribe because it is the best source of species information and I use it constantly.

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