Monday, January 30, 2012

Cattleya percivaliana marmoreada

Cattleya percivaliana marmoreadaI have been watching this Cattleya percivaliana spikes slowly develop. They have finally got the flowers almost open. Even though I would not call this a great blooming this year with only a single flower on each spike, they are very beautiful flowers and will be at the SCOS show and sale this weekend along with my two large NOID Catts also in bloom.

Cattleya percivaliana grows in Venezuela and Colombia in the mountains above 4000 feet near rivers. It is a large sized lithophytic plant out in the full sun. It is fragrant and blooms in the fall.

This plant is in sphagnum in a 4-inch clay pot. There are 6 pseudobulbs and two leads. This variety is a beautiful and rare color form of C. percivaliana which features unusual tessellations throughout petals and sepals. It is known locally in Venezuela as variety Remolacha, due to the petal coloring resembling that of a cut open 'Beet'. The backside of both petals and sepals are of a very dark red solid beet color.


  1. Beautiful flower with such unusual pattern on pink.

  2. The roots over the side of the pot are looking for a food supply.

    1. Anonymous, I believe the roots will receive nutrients from the water supply, just like they do when growing on rock or trees in nature.

  3. Yes, they will be perfectly happy between the pots. When the plant gets bigger I could do that again, all inside a bigger pot.

    Lots of orchids, but Catts especially are fine outside the confines of the pot.

  4. Nice flowers Richard. My C. percivaliana 'Summit' also bloomed this Xmas and it was great fun to have a blooming plant inside the house.