Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cymbidium Hybrid

Dr. Nick Burnett spoke at the SCOS meeting on the subject of preparing plants for shows. Our show is only three weeks away. I think I will have something to enter but you never know. He brought some nice Paphs for sale and there was a pretty good opportunity table.

Pot 2/3 full of potting soil and bark mixThere was another box of NOID Cymbidiums. I picked one up, the one shown above. This is a backbulb with a tiny bit of root and a full set of leaves. In addition, this is exactly the wrong time of year for dividing Cymbidiums. I potted it, cataloged and plan to pray over this, my test of the thesis that orchids really want to survive.

Cymbidium hybrid - Plant photo by Richard LindbergI filled a pot half full of small fir bark and finished filling it with potting soil. I dumped that in a bucket and mixed. I put a layer of peanuts on the bottom and poured the mix around a stake that goes all the way to the bottom. I tamped it down until I had it more than 2/3 full of the mix. Next I fastened the "division" to the stake and tamped more of the mix around it. I finished by watering it in and topping off the pot with the last of the mix.

I am potting it just as I got it. The leaves are a problem since there is not nearly enough root mass to support them. If I was wise I would cut them down by at least half.

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