Friday, January 27, 2012

Oncidium NOID

Oncidium NOID - Plant photo by Richard LindbergI just got this nice healthy plant. The top of the spike has been damaged and the owner threw it away. Instead of ending up in the garbage it came to me. There was a paper label that identified it as "intergeneric".

The plant is in excellent shape with a pot full of roots and pseudobulbs overflowing the pot. When I looked beyond the broken spike I saw two more spikes. It is ready to be re-potted as soon as the blooming is done. After it has done its duty in the Sonoma display window I will probably give it away.


  1. Looks like an Odontobrassia. Perhaps Fangtastic Bob Henley? That one's really popular.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion. That flower has some good Google pictures to compare to when I get some flowers open on the developing spikes. The old spike looks too beat up to use.

  3. some people have no patience. I regularly grab noids on sale at box stores because there is another spike developing under the leaves. Orchids are generous with flowers.