Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Oncidium nudum

Oncidium nudum - Flower photo by Richard LindbergI am a bit surprised that the Oncidium nudum bloomed this year. It bloomed two years ago in what I thought was a despiration bloom. It had been very badly damaged by a rat we had in the Sonoma greenhouse. It was attacked again last summer by a rodent (probably a squirel) here in Napa.

Oncidium nudum - Plant photo by Richard LindbergOncidium nudum grows in northern South America in hot, humid wetlands. It blooms in winter and has an inflorescence that extends almost two feet.

The spike is growing around the plant toward the north wall of the greenhouse. It is hanging within two feet of the top of the greenhouse so I had thought it would go in that direction. But given that the spike originated at the bottom of the plant shaded by the pseudobulbs, it makes sense.


  1. Your poor oncidium! I sympathise with rodent problems- I lost a compot of cattleyas to something rodent-y (jury still deciding what it was). Any ideas on prevention measures?
    Lovely bloom on your Onc!

  2. I installed a Black and Decker rodent repellent and that has worked well. No damage since. http://www.backbulb.com/images/BB20110823b.jpg