Saturday, January 7, 2012

Oncostele Catatante 'Pacific Sun Spots'

This picture is of a single backbulb that was removed from my Oncostele Catatante 'Pacific Sun Spots' during re-potting. Right at the base is the beginning of a new growth. At this stage it is extremely fragile and will break off quite easily. It is best not to touch it at all and to be very careful while potting.

Oncostele Catatante 'Pacific Sun Spots' - Plant photo by Richard Lindberg

Since there is new growth this can now be considered a lead division and potted as if it had live roots even if it doesn't. In this particular case it did have a few live roots.

Oncostele Catatante 'Pacific Sun Spots' - Flower photo by Richard LindbergOncostele Catatante 'Pacific Sun Spots' - Plant photo by Richard LindbergHere is another better late than never re-pot of an Oncidium hybrid. It is growing past the edge of the pot and I want to get it back under control. I want to shape it and move the new growth back toward the center.

This plant was in bark in a 4-inch plastic pot. There were six pseudobulbs and it stoods eighteen inches above the pot. I removed one of the pseudobulbs and potted it in sphagnum over peanuts in a 5 1/2-inch clay pot. This is the cross Oncidium Sphacetante x Oncostele (Colmanara) Wildcat.

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