Saturday, February 25, 2012

Colmanara Wildcat

Colmanara Wildcat - Flower photo by Richard LindbergColmanara Wildcat - Plant photo by Richard LindbergI just got this plant. It is very healthy and in bloom but it has no tag. Normally I would not venture a guess as to the name except to note the general genus. E.g., Cattleya or Oncidium. In this case I am going to write a tag with 'Colmanara Wildcat' to go with it. I don't think that is going too far.

This plant is in a 4 1/2-inch plastic pot in bark. There are a four pseudobulbs and the plant stands fourteen inches above the pot.

There are more and more Wildcat variations available. It used to be there was 'Bobcat', and 'Leopard'. Then came 'Ocelot' and the list kept on growing from there with non-cat names such as 'Green Valley'. To me, everything about the flower says that it is a Colm Wildcat.

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