Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dendrobium parishii hybrid '#1'

Dendrobium parishii hybrid '#1'Dendrobium parishii hybrid '#1' - Plant photo by Richard LindbergThere is no tag in this Sonoma collection orchid. It obviously has a lot of parishii in it. Anyway, it is in bloom now although it has been in Napa in a wet microclimate. It has grown pretty well in the two years it has been here.

Dendrobium parishii grows in Southeast Asia. It is cool to warm growing and fragrant. Blooms on old canes in the spring after a dry winter rest period.

This plant is in bark in a 4-inch plastic pot. There are eight pseudobulbs and it stands sixteen inches above the pot.

I took the flower picture again and was able to get the color much closer. As time goes by, I have got better at the post-porcessing. While the kitchen "studio" is convenient, the light is very artificial and confuses my camera.

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