Monday, February 13, 2012

Dimerandra emarginata

I love to get a plant from a new species. Even better is to get a plant from a genus I had not been aware of. Best of all is to get it as part of a trade.

Dimerandra emarginata - Plant photo by Richard LindbergDimerandra emarginata grows from Mexico all along the east coast of South America down to Brazil. It is warm to hot growing and grows in low elevation rain forests, blooming through summer into fall. The genus Dimerandra (Dmd) contains 7 species growing from the West Indies down to Brazil at lower elevations.

This plant is mounted in coconut fibre. There are ten pseudobulbs and stands ten inches above the medium.

About nine months ago Alexis Pardo of Orquiven Orchids asked about getting a piece of one of my collection plants. Since he was in Venezuela that seemed as if I couldn't do it but it he comes to Florida in the winter. I grew the plant all year and finally shipped it to him last month. This is one of two plants he sent me in return.

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