Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Encyclia polybulbon 'Golden Gate'

Encyclia polybulbon 'Golden Gate'

Encyclia polybulbon 'Golden Gate' - Flower photo by Richard LindbergThis Encyclia polybulbon has been sitting on that piece of treefern for a year. I got it from a collection reduction and detached it with the intent of making three or four mounts out of it. I laid the plant back on the treefern and never got back to it. It is in bloom and has re-attached to the treefern.

Encyclia polybulbon grows from Mexico to Nicaragua and parts of the West Indies. It is miniature, grows cool to hot and is fragrant. This is often listed as Dinema polybulbon. The genus Encyclia (Encycl) contains 240 species that grow throughout all of tropical America and the West Indies. They prefer intermediate conditions and a long, dry winter rest.

I am re-thinking what to do with it. I am still planning mounts, but I may only make two divisions so as to start with bigger plants.

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  1. Great little species! Dinema polybulbon is the current accepted name for it.