Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Epicattleya Rene Marquez 'Flame Thrower' HCC/AOS

Epicattleya Rene Marquez 'Flame Thrower' HCC/AOS - Flower photo by Richard LindbergEpicattleya Rene Marquez 'Flame Thrower' HCC/AOS - Plant photo by Richard LindbergOne of the best things about being part of an orchid society is the special events. We have bus trips, open greenhouses, a Christmas party and a potting party. But my favorite is the BBQ.

The food and conversation is great, but the opportunities for adding to the collection are even greater. A couple of years ago I went a little crazy and put in a bid for every plant in the silent auction. Not a lot, just the minimum, usually a dollar. As a result, I got several of these plants for very little money. This plant is one of those and it is in bloom.

This plant is in bark in a 3 1/2-inch plastic pot. There are five canes and the plant stands thirteen inches above the pot. It needs to be re-potted and cleaned of the weeds, especially the oxalis. It is important to get every fragment of the roots of oxalis or it will come back.

Epicattleya Rene Marquez is Epidendron pseudepidendrum x (Cattleya intermedia x Cattleya loddigesii)


  1. Amazing how dominant the Epidendrum is in the flower - the other parent is apparently registered as C. Claesiana. Your link to the Epidendrum seems to point to the wrong species on IOSPE? Should it not be ?

    A great plant, and well done on winning it at a bargain price! :)

  2. Thanks for the correction;-} Only a few letters different.

  3. I still shake my head in disbelief that epidendrums and cattleya are cross fertile...

  4. Some of the intergenerics are very strange. I suppose it only takes a few viable seeds to get a line started.