Friday, February 24, 2012

Pacific Orchid Exposition

The Pacific Orchid Exposition starts today! I ran into blog reader Miki there yesterday. She was on one of the judging teams so we had lunch together before the work started. My team was novice and intermediate Cymbidiums. As you can immagine, there was LOTS of walking back and forth locating the plants in their displays.

By the time we were done judging a lot of the vendors were set up and ready to sell. The vendor who had me drooling was OOI LENG SUN ORCHIDS from Malaysia. They had a booth full of small mounts, any of which would have been a great addition to my collection.


  1. It was great to see you, Richard. I'm still recovering from all the walking! The opportunity to drool over all the vendors' plants at the end was what kept me going. :-)

  2. I went Sat. Loved it!!! It was my first time going. Came home with a "few" miniature orchids. :)

  3. I remember my first time. It is an amazing sight with that huge space filled with orchids. And a chance to get plants from vendors from outside the US who attend only a few big shows and don't ship except when they are at the show.