Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Schomburgkia splendida x C warscewiczii

Schomburgkia splendida x C warscewicziiSchomburgkia splendida x C warscewiczii - Plant photo by Richard LindbergThe main part of the tradi that I made with Alexis Pardo of Orquiven Orchids was for a division of my Schombolaelia Paul Storm.

This so-far un-named cross was what he traded for it. This plant is in a 3-inch basket in rock/peanuts with five pseudobulbs and stands nine inches above the basket. It is certainly old enough to be blooming size, so I am hoping for flowers this year.

Schombolaelia Paul Storm - Flower photo by Richard LindbergThe Schombolaelia Paul Storm was removed from its mount two years ago and the pieces are still recovering. It was great to be able to trade for one of the divisions. This is a very pretty white flower but has a hard to manage long spike and the flowers don't last long.

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