Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dendrobium Stephen Batchelor

Dendrobium Stephen Batchelor - Flower photo by Richard LindbergDendrobium Stephen Batchelor - Plant photo by Richard LindbergI have had this plant four years and it has grown well and bloomed every year. The flowers are big and very long lasting. A very satisfactory PNG hybrid. The only thing is that it can be top-heavy and it will sprawl if not tied up.

This plant is in rocks in a 3 1/2-inch clay pot inside a larger clay pot. There are fifteen canes and stands sixteen inches above the pot.

This is the cross Dendrobium alexandrae x Dendrobium johnsoniae. Both of these are from Papua and New Guinea blooming in fall and winter.

With that many canes I suppose I could divide it but there is still room in the pot and I like to have it in Sonoma where I need in-bloom orchids for the display window.

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