Thursday, March 1, 2012

Laelia purpurata werckhauseri x schusteriana sib

Laelia purpurata werckhauseri x schusteriana sibI have had good luck with compots. I have two that I got in 2011 that I have divided and have not lost a single seedling. What I have here is a secondary compot I made from barely visible seedlings buried in the original compot. They may not look like much in the picture but they are MUCH larger than they were when I potted them.

The original compotLaelia purpurata grows in Brazil and needs a dry winter rest. It is fragrant, cool to hot growing and needs bright light. It can bloom any time from late spring into fall. This nice cross between two outstanding cultivars L. purpurata ardosia 'Equilab' x 'Schusteriana' should produce a lovely range of color types.

On the other side of the coin, I have tried my hand at flasks and am 0 for 2. In my defense they were both Laelia anceps, which have a reputation for being hard to get to that first pseudobulb. Still, I hate to think I took such poor care of them that every single seedling died. I will try again this year but I need your help in the selection. What is an easy species or hybrid to get started?


  1. For me Cattleya and Laelia species is easy to get started. I just use sphagnum moss as a media. The rest I just give fungicide and fertilizer once in a week, and just avoid from rain water for the first month. So far so good.

  2. I have heard that Tolumnias are very quick and easy to grow from flask- I have seen via a forum thread (I would link, but my security tells me that the site's has malware now)where a very experienced grower went from flash to blooms in 7 months. Good luck with whichever variety you choose for your next try! :)

  3. My first flask was a Cattleya Chocolate Drop (or whatever it has been renamed in the naming wars!) I lost a few, but others are doing fine. The largest is spiking now- 3 years from flask- not bad for a first attempt!
    I've also had a flask of Brassavola nodosa- all fine until they had too much light, and only 2 survived, but those 2 are doing great- so easy on the light with those ones.
    Hope these help!

  4. Good suggestions. It will be something where the adult plant won't be too large. I will check eBay and see if Golden State sells flasks of any of their great mini-catt crosses.