Thursday, March 29, 2012

Maxillaria picta

Maxillaria picta - Flower photo by Richard LindbergMaxillaria picta - Plant photo by Richard LindbergJust over two years ago I got a large Maxillaria picta. It was from a collection close-out and cost only a couple of dollars. I took it apart but the roots were so tightly intertwined that I ended up with lots of small pieces. This is the largest of those.

Maxillaria picta grows in Brazil and Argentina. It is a high light cool to warm growing plant, blooming in winter and spring. The genus Maxillaria (Max) contains 650 some species spread throughout the tropical and sub-tropical Americas. They have a single flower. Generally warm to hot growing.

This is not a strong plant and it has some scale on it. It is going to get up-potted along with a complete cleanup including spraying the roots. I will also check and spray the plants sitting near it.

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  1. i have only just stumbled over your blog - was looking for Maxillaria sophronitis - i live in Canada - Toronto - so i know i'm not able to grab any of your "free plants" but i have to tell yeah that i really love reading up on what you have - have to check out the ebay site - thanks for your posts