Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pholidota chinensis

Pholidota chinensis - Plant photo by Richard Lindberg

Pholidota chinensis - Flower photo by Richard LindbergMy Pholidota chinensis is just beginning to bloom. There are a few spikes open and a bunch more spikes growing. It has bloomed every year since I got it six years ago. This plant is high up and gets water from the foggers when it is warm. It is in the brightest, warmest and wettest microclimate I have.

Pholidota chinensis grows in Vietnam, Burma, Hong Kong and southern China. It is warm to hot growing and fragrant. The genus Pholidota contains 30 species growing from India to South China, Malaysia, Indonesia, New Guinea into the Pacific Islands and south to Australia.

I have wanted to divide it for a couple of years now. The problem is that it blooms on new growth and if I wait for the flowers to finish it will be too late. This year I am going to divide it. I will do it this week and cut off the spikes. The basket has rotted and there is always next year for more flowers. There should be several divisions from the basket.

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