Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bulbophyllum facetum

Bulbophyllum facetum - Flower photo by Richard LindbergThe Bulbophyllum facetum has produced five buds. I hope that at least one is open five days from now for the orchid society meeting. The plant looks great with all the growth since I got it three years ago getting more vigorous. This plant is mounted on a 6x10-inch piece of cork with 20 pseudobulbs.

Bulbophyllum facetum - Plant photo by Richard LindbergBulbophyllum facetum grows throughout the northern island of the Philippines in the mountains. It is warm to hot growing. The genus Bulbophyllum (Bulb) contains 1500 species found in all tropical areas on earth.

It has outgrown the mount. I had thought to divide it but I like the look of it so now I plan to trim the mount and attach it to a larger piece of cork.


  1. Fascinating orchid. Will the five buds open at the same time? That would be spectacular.

  2. No, there will be one or two at a time. The flowers don't last as long as some Bulbos. I plan to make a note this year of how many days a flower is open.

  3. My favorite color can I claim one?