Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cymbidium Maggie Lindberg

Cymbidium Maggie Lindberg - Flower photo by Richard LindbergCymbidium Maggie Lindberg - Plant photo by Richard LindbergSix months ago someone brought a big box of Cymbidium divisions to the SCOS meeting. I didn't really need one but I took one anyway. It had some roots and what I thought were new growths. They turned out to be spikes, but both look alike to me at the very early stage.

This is in a Supersoil and bark mix in a 4-gallon pot. The plant produces large white flowers with a pink center. Since I am never going to sell it and my dog is white, I named it after her.

There are four spikes of flowers and it is now in the Sonoma display window. Right now, most of the flowers in the window are cymbidiums.


  1. Ok I found out how to do this now. I have 4 grown up Cymbidiums for a couple of years now and I understand that the best place to bloom them would be California. I know of two out of them though that they are Florida bred Hybrids and supposed to flower here . - not so much in my yard - besides being in good sunlight in my patio and out there for year round to give them even that temperature drop to encourage spikes they do not flower. What is the trick, please?

  2. Cymbidiums like the pot crowded so let them fill the pot. Use a light mix with big pieces to drain well. Keep them dry in the fall and winter. I have mine outside but under a translucent cover.

    Good luck.

    1. Richard I am excited now. i must have done something right because one has a big spike and will flower soon and the other has just started wow! Thanks for the advice. Do you happen to sell some of the orange ones may be sometimes down the road? Now I caught on fire.