Monday, April 16, 2012

Hard Cane Dendrobium Season

Dendrobium keikeisDendrobium keikeisI have just removed two keikeis from one of the hard cane Dendrobiums in Sonoma. It has been in bloom since November.

In terms of greenhouse color, there is nothing as good as a group of hard cane Dendrobium plants. The Sonoma collection has several of these with a mix of colors now beginning to bloom. Color is one of the goals of the Sonoma collection and NOID Dendrobium plants are a big part of the winter color. We have had five months of Dendrobium flowers in the display window.

These keikeis will go in rocks and will start adding color very soon, maybe even next fall. I will keep these in Napa through the summer.


  1. Beautiful! Have you had good results with Den keikis? I ask because I have never had one take well after having been removed from the mother plant. In fact, all 9 I have tried have died.If you have hints to share please do so!

  2. Leave them on until the roots have developed well, then keep them dry to encourage more root length. I use limestone 1/2 to 1-inch pieces as the medium.

    The mother plant is in a pot of rocks and grows very well. Don't use lava, it holds a lot of water.