Thursday, June 28, 2012

Blc Hawaiian Treat x C Pastoral Symphony

Blc Hawaiian Treat x C Pastoral Symphony - Flower photo by Richard LindbergBlc Hawaiian Treat x C Pastoral Symphony - Plant photo by Richard LindbergThe plant is in sphagnum over peanuts in a 5-inch clay pot. There are seven pseudobulbs and three new growths and stands about 11 inches above the pot. The flower starts off this color and gets more purple as the flower matures.

When I saw three new growths all at the same stage of development I couldn't help imagining three spikes of multiple flowers at the orchid society show and tell. But the reality is that a lot can happen to a new growth to keep it from growing and blooming.

The easiest is to get water in the new growth and then doesn't dry out before the night time temperature drop. This is especially easy when watering a lot of plants at the same time. I try to be careful, but water gets all over the place no matter how careful I am.

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