Thursday, June 21, 2012

Cirrhopetalum flabellovernis

Cirrhopetalum flabellovernis - Flower photo by Richard LindbergThe Cirrhopetalum flabellovernis is blooming. It has had several flowers and there are more developing. I have only seen one spike open at a time.

Cirrhopetalum flabellovernis grows throughout Southeast Asia. Cirrhopetalum flabellovernis - Plant photo by Richard LindbergIt is warm to hot growing and is found on mossy rocks and trees. The genus Cirrhopetalum (Cirr) contains 150 species growing in Asia east of India on to the Pacific islands. This group was separated from Bulbophylum. Grow these in a wood basket or treefern fiber.

This plant is in sphagnum a 5-inch clay pot. There are about 25 pseudobulbs and the plant stands five inches above the pot. This could be divided but I have a backlog of more urgent plant maintenance so I won't this year.


  1. I've always been a little afraid of trying to grow orchids at home...but, maybe, one day.

  2. Don't be afraid, they are just plants. The thing to do is start off with one of the orchids available at Big Box and get the Ortho book "All About Orchid" which is available in the garden section with the gardening books.

    I take risks by trying to grow orchids where my conditions are not exactly right and grow a broad range. But there are many that do very well as a house plant.