Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cirrhopetalum guttulatum

I have a plant that I got about eighteen months ago that is now in bloom. The tag says "Cirrhopetalum guttulatum". sends me to both "Bulbophyllum guttulatum" and "Bulbophyllum umbellatum". What I have is neither of those.

Bulbophyllum guttulatum - Plant photo by Richard LindbergCan you help me identify it? I like the plant and I like the flowers. I would like it to be properly tagged.

If you can identify this plant well enough so that I can be resonably sure I have a correct tag, I will send you a division. Or, if you have one already, I'll send you something else.

I think that as a collector it is important to know what you have. As time goes by I have (exept Phals) fewer and fewer NOID plants. I would hate to let go of such a nice plant, especially since I actually paid something for it.


  1. Maybe Bulbophyllum Kalimpong? (Cirr. Kalimpong (C. guttulatum X C. ornatissimum) Whatever it is, it's a really nice plant.

  2. This looks very much like Bulbophyllum bicolor. If it is not, is a hybrid with Bulbophyllum bicolor.

  3. Bingo, Thomas. That matches exactly and also fits with a half-copied tag.

    Go to the home page and send me your mailing address. I will send you a division.