Sunday, June 10, 2012

EBay Pictures

EBay is making some changes in the pictures that go along with an item listing. The first change is allowing up to 12 pictures free with each listing. I always had the flower picture and two plant views so it will save me money and group the pictures better.

The second change is a good one but will be a problem for me. I have spent a lot of energy on getting flower pictures from the exact plant (or a division) that I am selling. They are 432 pixels wide and that is six inches on most screens. I thought that was a good size.

The new standard will be 500 pixels. I will have to re-process many of my flower picture. I can see that it will be a bit of bother finding the original photos, but I still have them. I agree that 500 is better than 432 for the customer, but it will be hard to keep track of those modified and those that are not. I may simply do them as I need them.


  1. you can batch interpolate the smaller photos to a larger size. not ideal but negligible difference. I usually just keep the original hi res files and generate smaller ones for web / email

  2. I have the originals but they are not renamed or separated from the rest of the pictures taken in that month. I need to keep a copy of the original where it can be located. I have run into this before when I wanted to make a few print quality pictures.