Friday, June 29, 2012

Encyclia polybulbon

This is the thousandth post on this blog. I began this blog in 2008 to organize my thoughts about my collection and to write a book to publish on Blurb. I had a lot of flower pictures but I wanted to do some text as well.

The book idea didn't last long but I found that I enjoyed my orchid collection more from writing the blog so I continued.

Encyclia polybulbon - Photo by Richard LindbergIn honor of the event I will give away five orchids today. Instead of one post, there will be five spaced through the day with a free orchid in each post. They are all small and mountable and will come to you bare-root.

The first is a 5-pseudobulb lead division of Encyclia polybulbon. This species grows from Mexico to Nicaragua and parts of the West Indies. It is miniature, grows cool to hot and is fragrant. This is often listed as Dinema polybulbon. The genus Encyclia (Encycl) contains 240 species that grow throughout all of tropical America and the West Indies. They prefer intermediate conditions and a long, dry winter rest.

The rules are simple: add a comment claiming it and them go to this page to get my direct email address so we can work out the details. Anybody who wants it can have it, no first-time restriction today. Continental US only please. First comment wins. I will pay the postage.

This will come bare-root. It will do best mounted but can also be potted.

The next post will be in a couple of hours.

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