Sunday, June 3, 2012

Gongora leucochila

Gongora leucochila - Flower photo by Richard LindbergThis Gongora leucochila is one of two of these plants I moved from Sonoma to Napa in late 2010 because they weren't doing well. I thought that the wet conditions here would suit it better. The last two generations of growth have had large gains in pseudobulb size.

Gongora leucochila - Plant photo by Richard LindbergGongora leucochila grows from Southern Mexico through Central America in tropical rainforests at low altitudes. It is warm to hot growing, fragrant and blooms in the spring. The genus Gongora (Gga) contains 52 species from Mexico to Bolivia and Brazil at low altitudes. These plants have mostly pendant flowers. Water and fertilize regularly.

This plant is in lava rock in a 3-inch clay pot. There are seven pseudobulbs and it stands ten inches above the pot. The only change I plan to make is to attach one of my pot hangers to it and hang it up. It had been sitting on the bench and I lost some flowers getting it out of where it had grown.

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