Monday, June 18, 2012

Lycaste aromatica

A species that does surprisingly well in my wet and hot Napa greenhouse is Lycaste aromatica. I grow them in small bark and they thrive in a climate that would quickly rot the roots of many plants.

Lycaste aromatica - Plant photo by Richard Lindberg

Lycaste aromatica - Flower photo by Richard LindbergThe genus Lycaste (Lyc) contains 52 species of epiphytes, lithophytes and terrestrials growing throughout the West Indies, Central America, Peru and Bolivia.

Lycaste aromatica grows in Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Honduras with a scent of cinnamon. It is cool to warm growing along rivers in oak forests.

I only have a couple of these now because I sold all the excess last year. I am going to up-pot this plant and grow it at least another year before dividing.

This is the first flower picture getting ready to conform to EBay's new picture size rules. I think I got the flower color better on this re-take.


  1. Hi Richard,
    you mention that this has a cinnamon scent-- is it very strong? If so, I would like it-- or if not, is the cattleya in the post just previous to this still available? I'm wanting to grow orchids with strong fragrance!
    Thanks very much,

  2. Annette, yes, it is a nice fragrance and can be strong when the air is warm. I am not selling it and don't have an extra right now. I hardly ever sell the plants I blog about.

    The Cattleya percivaliana marmoreada is an exception. I DO have a division for sale on eBay. It is quite rare (really). The auction will end on Saturday afternoon. Click the eBay link at the top of the left column to see the listing.