Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Phaleanopsis NOID #6

I am trying to be kinder to my Phal NOID hybrids. They often come to me in bad shape but this year I got some right at the end of blooming that were in better health.

I have learned that if I leave damaged Phals in the pot and medium they came in, they continue to deteriorate. I have begun to re-pot in sphagnum over peanuts in a plastic pot.

This particular Phal had most of its root rotted but had started to grow new roots and the leaves are still in good shape. There is the start of a new leaf in the crown.

The stem was already fully brown and I didn't see any dried flowers. My guess is that the flowers will be white or light colored.

The plants will be outdoors until the nightime lows dip into the low 40s. This will probably be at the end of October. The cool temperatures and the shorter days will help initiate new spikes. The plants will spend the winter in Sonoma.


  1. Can you tell a phal's flower color based on the stem color? I have a no id orchid and would love to guess its color when it spikes!

  2. Only in the most general sort of way, more from the leaf color than the stem. Pure green, white or pink flowers. Dark or redish tint, darker color on the flower. The art shades, who knows.