Thursday, August 30, 2012

Miltonia (spectabulis x Jim MacKinney)

Miltonia (spectabulis x Jim MacKinney) - Flower photo by Richard LindbergMiltonia (Milt) contains 10 species from Brazil and Peru. They grow in bright warm conditions. Miltonia spectabilis grows in Brazil. It is cool to hot growing. Light level should be high and it should be a pale green. Blooms in summer and fall.

Miltonia (spectabulis x Jim MacKinney) - Plant photo by Richard LindbergI brought this to Napa from Sonoma just over a year ago. It was doing poorly because it was not getting enough water. In a years time, it is doing much better and is just starting to bloom. There are several spikes all around the plant.

I should have removed it from the mount during the spring and started another mount and some pots. It is a mass of backbulbs. I removed some three years ago and sprouted a few of them, but I think they needed a wetter location. I am going to try a few so I can learn from them but there will be some extras available.

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