Friday, September 7, 2012

Epidendrum peperomia

Epidendrum peperomia - Flower photo by Richard LindbergEven though suggests that this species needs low light levels, this one is growing nicely at 4000 foot-candles, which is a pretty high level. I have had it five years and it blooms well and grows quickly. I have taken pieces off the edges several times.

Epidendrum peperomia - Plant photo by Richard LindbergEpidendrum peperomia grows from Nicaragua to Ecuador in pine and oak forests. Cool to warm growing, low light. AKA Neolehmannia porpax. The genus Epidendrum (Epi) contains 1000 known species through out tropical Americas and the Caribbean.

This plant is mounted on a 6x3-inch piece of treefern fiber. This is from the member sale table at Santa Rosa. I have tried different media and it likes the treefern best in my greenhouse. I might try sphagnum/clay next. I have some saucers that have holes in them so the pad of sphagnum will be thin.

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  1. I like this too, see a lot of Pepperomia in Fakahatchee.. didnt know about this one though.. Very cool