Thursday, September 13, 2012

Orchid watering

It is time to be paying attention to the weather forcast. The night time temperatures can take a quick downturn and damage plants that are enjoying being outside in the summer. My 7-day forcast shows night temperatures above 50 every night and day time temperatures right around 80. Nothing to worry about so far, right?

WRONG! There is more to consider than temperature. Plants pay attention to changes in light, too. They are already noticing the reduced light that comes from shorter days. They are starting to reduce the use of water and fertilizer. If you are watering on a schedule, it would be wise to cut back, even using the pencil test instead of the calendar to decided on watering.

In past years I have been lulled by warm night temperatures and suffered big root loss as a result. I am trying to pay particular attention to the rule of thumb "When in doubt, go drought".

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