Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ornithophora radicans

Ornithophora radicans - Flower photo by Richard LindbergThe flowers on the Ornithophora radicans are only a quarter inch and the plant itself is small. It was in a rack of other small mounts and a bit hard to see so I could have missed seeing it bloom at all. I have had it two years now and it is about the same size. It has grown but the older growth has died off.

Ornithophora radicans - Plant photo by Richard LindbergOrnithophora radicans grows in coastal Brazil. It is warm to hot growing and is fragrant. It needs a short rest after the pseudobulb has matured. The genus Ornithophora (Orpha) contains 1 species from Brazil. Flower is shaped like a bird if seen from the side.

I have reviewed the information provided on and I suspect that I am growing it too bright. Since it is growing off the top of the mount, I am going to re-mount it on cork and re-locate the plant in the greenhouse.

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  1. Ela é lindinha e já está florindo, preciso ver a minha.