Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cattleya CH4067

Cattleya Pamela Hetherington? - Flower photo by Richard LindbergI got a large Catt NOID last year from Steve Christoffersen. When it bloomed it had this beautiful, very distinctive flower. This backbulb division is the last of the pieces and it is going to its new home today. It is developing well but has not grown any new roots. It is still using the energy stored in the backbulbs.

The new growth is doing well. It may not grow to full size. It is normal for the first generation to be small. The important thing it will do is develop new roots to support the plant from now on. This will not bloom in 2013 but 2014 is possible.


  1. The piece I have has 1 new root growing and no new buds yet.
    There is one eye that looks like it is swelling but it has been like that for a while.
    This cool weather will slow things down.


  2. I am trying to revive a Catleya, quite frankly I am amazed it is still alive. Should I just keep it on moist spagh?

  3. No, propped up in a pot of rocks is best if there are no live roots. That picture shows sphagnum as a background. If I had kept the plant I would have potted it in sphagnum in a clay pot. I'm not sure how the new owner potted it, more likely she used a bark mix.

    Tell me about the plant and include pictures. Send them to the email address on this page.