Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dendrobium moschatum

I really need to do something with my Dendrobium moschatum this year. Last year at this time I thought about potting it and I didn't. The new growth is just starting and the plant is not doing all that well mounted.

Dendrobium moschatum - Flower photo by Richard LindbergThe genus Dendrobium (Den) contains 1200 species from all parts of Asia and the Pacific. Some like a dry winter rest, all like to dry out between watering. Flowers are long lasting. Dendrobium moschatum grows in Southeast Asia at low altitudes. It is cool to hot growing, needs bright light and is fragrant. It blooms spring into summer on leafless canes. Flowers last only a few days.

This is a big plant with 3-foot canes going in all directions. I would like to get them all going up. I am going to pot it in rocks and tie the canes together. We'll see if it will grow better.

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