Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hard Cane Dendrobium

For sheer flower power it is hard to beat a hard cane dendrobium. I have one in Sonoma that blooms especially well. It has two sprays of flowers that have been open for six weeks and I expect more spikes on developing new growth.

This is a Big Box rescue growing in rock. I don't care about a varietal name for this plant. Its job is to add color to the display window. It will be in bloom well into Spring.

It took me a long time to realize how seldom these need to be watered. Having these Dendrobiums in rock helps since the rocks hold no water from one watering to the next. The roots do all the work. I water twice a week in Summer and once in Winter.

Rock is the only medium that I have been able to grow these Dendrobiums in and even then, only in Sonoma. The Napa greenhouse is water cooled and far too wet. Sonoma is all hand watered and I can manage much better there.

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